When will my first basket arrive?

You should expect your boxes near the first week of the month.  To provide the freshest ingredients possible and reduce excess/waste, at this time we order supplies on the 2nd of the month for the following month's projects.  We pack boxes for the following month's project during the first weeks of the month and ship by mid-month.
If you are a new subscriber, expect 4-6 weeks for your first delivery.  If you subscribe by the 1st, you should expect your first box to arrive by the first week of the following month.  If you subscribe in the middle of the month, we may have already ordered supplies for next month's project or shipped boxes so they arrive at the beginning of the month.

When should I subscribe?

On the join page you'll see suggestions for when to sign up.

  • 9 Month Subscription - By your 10th week of pregnancy
  • 6 Month Subscription - By your 16th week of pregnancy
  • 3 Month Subscription - By your 22nd week of pregnancy

These are only suggestions to help you receive your boxes during your pregnancy; however, the last three months of the 9 month subscription is designed to fit during pregnancy or postpartum to accommodate varying gestational lengths.  The suggested time frame is for you to receive your first box within 4-6 weeks (see "When will my first basket arrive?" for more details) and each subsequent box during the first week of the month thereafter.  At this time, we only ship boxes once a month - but hope to allow fluctuating ship dates in the future.  The later you sign up within these suggested time frames, and depending on how long your baby needs (on average close to 42 weeks for first time moms) - this may change at which point in your pregnancy you'll receive your boxes.  The activities for the last two months (three months for the 9 month) of each subscription length are designed to blend well with the postpartum period to accommodate fluctuations in gestational length for many reasons.

I'm already taking a birth class, is this for me?

Absolutely... for a few reasons.

  1. First and foremost, the Baby Basket is unique in its emotional preparation for birth.  You're not only creating many of the common remedies you would normally search all over the place for with each project box, but you're developing an emotional time for you to focus on yourself and your thoughts.  This is just as important as learning about the birth industry... in fact, if you're not focusing on the emotional aspect of pregnancy, birth, and parenting - you're missing a large chunk of safety and happiness in the birth experience.
  2. How is this influencing safety and happiness?  You'll learn all of that in the Esali Birth complete online class. Esali Birth classes have a very thorough approach to not only the birth industry, but your choices and their influence on your entire experience.  Esali Birth classes are very comprehensive from emotional well being to health and happiness as well as biological birth (and medicated birth).  To learn more about how Esali Birth can help you, visit http://www.esalibirth.com/.

I've already enrolled for an Esali Birth local class, can I upgrade to receive the monthly boxes?

If you're taking a class in the Mid-Ohio Valley from Danielle Bergum, yes, this is absolutely an option.  Prorated upgrade costs and delivery options can be discussed.  Just contact us.

If you're taking a class from another Esali Birth mentor, please contact us for prorated upgrade inquiries.

When are the monthly Q&A Skype Sessions?

Q&A sessions are scheduled at varying times throughout the month, though we try to meet on the first Monday of the month at 8pm EST.  Once you subscribe, you'll go through registration into the online class and will receive your access details and access to the calendar where you can stay updated on available times.

Can I gift a subscription?

Absolutely!  Just use the gift subscription address when you join.

What is your refund policy?

We only offer full refunds before your order has been fully processed.  Once supplies have been ordered, we cannot refund your order.  Once you've gained access to the online course, we cannot refund your order.  Partial refunds may be requested with a cancellation of your basket subscription.  Please contact mdbergum@esalibirth.com to cancel your subscription and coordinate refund details.

How are subscriptions handled if I need to cancel?

Please review our refund policy above for refund information.

Occasionally some circumstances change so that monthly project boxes are no longer desired.  In this case, please contact us with your full name, purchase date, and subscription address and we will stop your subscription.

We understand that receiving a basket after a cancellation due to changes in pregnancy may be difficult for you to experience.  If your basket has already been shipped, some families decide to put it away for a future time, use the project as a healing experience, gift to someone in their community, or have as a keepsake.  Boxes make great bed rest activities as well.  Each family's journey is unique and special.  We pray for your healing during this time.  We encourage you to visit www.stillbirthday.com for support and guidance should this apply.

With your cancellation, we will send a free copy of The Invisible Pregnancy book.  If you do not wish to receive this book, please note this in your cancellation request.